The Spirit heals with joy... The Soul heals with laughter... The Body heals with play.

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Start living a transformed life 

Are you stuck and can't figure out how to get past where you are spiritually, mentally or, emotionally. Are your inner conversations disempowering you?

When you work with us, you will get clear on your voice, choices, values, and beliefs that are disempowering you and learn how to reframe your inner conversations to empower your life.

Ezekiel Family Services is a Spirituotherapy Coaching organization that helps individuals reconcile their relationship with God, themselves, and people. We guide individuals in discovering freedom, experiencing powerful breakthroughs, and transformation through one conversation at a time.  We thrive on building strong individuals, families, and communities.

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What will it take to become the most powerful person you know?

Is there any area in your life where you are not the powerful you?

If so, let's get together and unpack what is hindering you from

embracing your power.

Meet the Team

Nikki Pinkney

Certified Life & Relationship Coach, Spirituotherapy, Author, Speaker

Jason Pinkney

Certified Life Coach

Vision & Mission

Empower men and women to embrace their uniqueness and power in all facets of life.

Strengthen and build-up the family unit through one conversation at a time.

Are you willing to discover who God created you to authentically be?

Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery! Discovering what part of your identity is authentic and what part is counterfeit.  Every person's experience will be different as the Holy Spirit begins to reveal identities you are living from.

Trauma and life experiences shapes the personalities and identities we live from every day.  Many of these identities are counterfeit, they are not who we are! I wrote this book to share how God led me out of an identity crisis into wholeness, and as a tool for the Holy Spirit to unlock your true identity.

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Let's talk about it with Jason and Nikki

Get to know us every Sunday morning on Facebook Live at 7 am! Click here to join the conversation and like my page. We talk about different life topics every Sunday morning!


Click on the video to check out the conversation on Obedience.

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