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Pre-Marriage & Marriage Coaching


Jason and I have known each other since we were in 7th grade; little did we know this was the beginning of our journey to marriage. We were just children, but God had a plan.


We officially started dating in 1990 and married in 1995. Thirty years later we are still together.


We are humbled by everything we experienced in our relationship journey and desire to use what God has taught us to sow into others' relationships to strengthen the family unit. Marriage and family are sacred in the eyes of God and we love serving in this area.


If you're experiencing communication breakdowns, intimacy disconnect, burn-out, and loss of hope in your relationship, give us a call today.


We will look at:

  • thinking patterns

  • communication

  • fixed ways of being that are ineffective


Throughout your coaching, we will provide tools, strategies, and guidance to create new experiences in your lives individually and jointly.

Check out our interview with The Success Chronicles and hear our relationship story!

Schedule a Free Consultation today!

Coaching Options

Pre-Marriage Coaching - This coaching presents a biblical foundation to help engaged couples prepare to enter the marriage relationship with a solid foundation in their relationship with God, communication with each other, conflict resolution, financial responsibility, and practical work-life balance awareness.

Marriage Coaching - This coaching helps couples look at their thinking patterns, past experiences, memories, and actions that have caused blocks and hindrances which prevent each person from moving forward, living in the present moment, and creating new experiences with each other.


Pre-Marriage coaching is available on an hourly basis.


Marriage coaching can be booked hourly or as an ongoing package.

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