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Jason Pinkney is the Co-founder of Ezekiel Family Services located in Waldorf, Maryland. Married at 21 and taking care of his family made him aware of the importance of a man’s presence in the home. His limited knowledge of being a husband and father moved him to read books and get connected to communities of men who were growing in their marriages and fatherhood. The different conversations with men, his wife, the wisdom he gained from reading books, and the word of God ignited his desire to help develop other men in marriage and fatherhood. This began his journey to join the men’s ministry at church to get involved with leading small groups of men, marriage small groups with his wife, accepting the office of a Deacon, and becoming a Certified Life Coach.


In addition to coaching with his wife, Jason is a Journeyman Electrician with over 20 years in the electrical field. He is the Founder of Splice It Electrical Services and works as a Foreman with Power Design Electrical Company.

Jason enjoys watching sports, spending time with family, reading a good book, and coaching men. He helps men embrace their emotions, put words to their feelings, and become good listeners, which guides men into transformational breakthroughs in their life, marriages, relationship with their children, and others.

The focus of his coaching is “Embrace your vulnerabilities as STRENGTHS! He will help you tap into untouched emotions and embrace vulnerability to cultivate TRANSPARENCY! Give him a call today!

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