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Abstract Pyramids

Ezekiel Family Services is a Christ-Centered Spiritual Health Coaching Organization. We thrive on coaching people's spirit, soul, and body while helping them discover the areas in life where they feel powerless and unproductive. We get people “unstuck” and on the road to breakthroughs, freedom, joy, and power! EFS is the place for people to get the coaching desired to rekindle that light on the inside that may have become dim in the hustle and bustle of life. We help bring forth the person they see on the inside to the person there being on the outside!

Our goals are to empower people by helping them transform thinking patterns in identity, relationships, careers, family, and spiritual direction to produce powerful breakthroughs and outcomes that bring fulfillment and happiness. Our sessions provide information and resources on practical and realistic approaches to these challenges in life.

We are here for you! We want you to “Be A Powerful You!” We believe if we tell you what to do you will forget it, teach it to you and you may remember, but if we involve you in your transformation you will be it!

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